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                Date: 2-3 Aug, 2018
                Place: Crowne Plaza Suzhou
                168 Xinggang Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou 215021, Jiansu, P.R.China

                Adsale Publishing Ltd.

                Southern Packaging Group Ltd.


                China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ) & CPRJ International

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                Conference Introduction:
                The conference covers the entire supply chain of plastics packaging, focusing on food and beverage packaging, daily consumables packaging, e-commerce logistics and sustainable packaging.
                550+ industry prodessionals

                sub forums
                3 new concurrent events,
                expert presentations,
                Target Audience:
                End users in food and beverage, household chemicals, medicine, industrial products; Plastic packaging product manufacturers;
                E-commerce retailers, logistics enterprises, packaging design providers, trading companies and other third party service enterprises
                Industry institutes and associations
                Introduction of Guest Speakers (Names not listed in order):

                Hongjun Wu, Deputy Secretary General, China Packaging Federation

                Topic: The Transformation of Packaging Industry for Better Sustainability

                Wu Hongjun is the Deputy Secretary General of China Packaging Federation. He is also the Secretary General of National Packaging Vocational Training Steering Committee of Ministry of Education as well as Planning Committee of China Packaging Federation. He is responsible for the training, planning, Chinese Packaging Excellent Brands, industry coordination at these organizations. He led the drafting works of national key initiatives and development roadmap for Chinese packaging industry in 2015.

                Daniel Liu, Associate Director 每 Packaging Development, Kraft Heinz China

                Holding the position of Associate Director 每 Packaging Development at Kraft Heinz China, Daniel leads the R&D team for packaging development in the Chinese market.
                He obtained Master of Materials Science and Engineering in 2006 in Tongji University. With 11 years of working experience at Unilever, he took the lead in the R&D packaging of numerous brands, including Pond's and Clear.

                Working experience:
                April 2006 每 July 2010: Unilever China R&D Center - Skin Care & Cleaning
                August 2010 每 November 2012: Unilever Global R&D center - Scalp Care (Clear)
                November 2012 每 June 2017: Unilever Global R&D center - Skin Care (Pond*s)
                June 2017 每 Present: Associate Director 每 Packaging Development, Kraft Heinz China

                Leading areas:
                - R&D and certification of packaging for rigid plastics, glass containers and soft tubes
                - Excellent management skill and experienced in project management

                Xiaojing Huang, Renowned Design Strategist and Trend Expert, Strategy Director of YANG DESIGN, founder of Design Strategy Institution, YANG DESIGN

                Topic: Trends of Plastic Packaging Design in China 2019-2020

                Xiaojing studied in Guangzhou and Berlin from experience design expert and has rich experience in product strategy, user study, service design, brand DNA and trend study. As strategic director of YANG DESIGN, the most forward-looking design consultancy in China, she has been leading the strategic team to build the UX Lab, CMF Lab and Service Design Lab, defining design strategy to realize business value for companies in different development stages. Her clients are leading brands including Boeing, BMW, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA, Samsung, Fujitsu, BOSE, Schneider Electric, Hitachi, Haier and Unilever.
                Winner of Red Dot Design Award, IDEA and Design For Asia Silver Award. Writer of China Design Trends Report, Lifestyle Aesthetic Business Trend Report, China Home Trend Report and China Sub-culture Lifestyle Report, and design column writer magazines including md. Invited speaker and judge of many design events including TEDx, Color Marketing Group, Zoom Smart Cities, CareShow, Semiofest. Ranked as influential China Young by Linkedin.

                Jason Dong, Senior GP Manager, Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Ltd.

                Jason Dong, Senior Manager, Global Packaging in Johnson & Johnson Consumer. Currently lead J&J Consumer OTC packaging development in Asia Pacific and Personal Care packaging team in China. More than 20 years' work experience in FMCG packaging research and development, packaging vender and polymer application covered Cosmetics, Personal Care, OTC, Fabric/Home Care, Alcohol/Wine and Beverage. I joined Johnson & Johnson China in 2008, I also had work experience in Proctor & Gamble, CarnaudMetalbox and Guala Closures etc.

                Weida Zhang, Custom Development Director PC+HC and FB, Aptar (Suzhou) Dispensing Systems Co., Ltd.

                Topic: The Development Flow and Case Studies of Innovative Packaging

                Weida Zhang, Product Development Director of Aptar China, join Aptar in 2007 started as operation management and transferred to product development 4 years ago.
                Aptar as lead dispensing solution provider, the goal is to provide packaging solution which can bring value to their customer and convenience to consumer. It request PD team to be closer to the market and develop product according to customer needs, that's also the main reason why Mr. Zhang decided to join product development team 4 years ago.

                Jack Chen, APAC R&D Manager, Bemis Aisa Pacific

                Topic: New Vacuum Skin Packaging for Retail & Innovative Paper Feel Printing

                2007-2011? Ph.D. in Material Science, University of Florida, USA
                2000 - 2002 Master in Chemical Engineering, University of Taiwan
                1996-2000? Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University

                Working experience:
                2016-Present? R&D Manager in Asia-Pacific Region at Bemis
                2015-2016? Packaging Materials Director at Master Kong Central Institute of Ting Hsin International Group
                2012-2015?? R&D Director at Ting Zheng Printing and Packaging Materials of Ting Hsin International Group
                2002-2007?? Composite Material Researcher at National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology


                Mike Wang, Innovation & Development Manager, ALBEA China CRP

                Topic: The Innovation Trends of Cosmetic Packaging

                Mike Wang, ALBEA China CRP innovation & development manager, is responsible for the development of innovation product and stock item. About 15 years' working experience in plastic packaging research and development. Background in the management of product design, project development and quality inspection, covered beverage, cosmetic industries. I joined ALBEA in 2009.

                Nigel Li, Senior R&D Manager, AMEA Biscuit Packaging Development Mondel言z China

                Nigel Li is now the Senior Research & Development Manager at Mondel言z China, responsible for the development of biscuit packaging in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions.
                He joined Kraft in 1997 and was appointed as the Packaging Manager of Greater China after Kraft acquired Nabisco in 2001. He was then appointed as Packaging Research & Development Manager after Kraft acquired the biscuit business of Danone biscuits.
                Kraft acquired Cadbury in 2011, Nigel Li was promoted to Senior Research & Development Manager, responsible for biscuit, beverage and candy product categories.
                Before joining Kraft, Nigel Li had taught packaging engineering at Guangdong University of Technology for nine years. He received his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from South China University of Technology, and received his Master's degree in Engineering from the same university in 1987.

                Jerry Duan, Person In Charge of Packaging, JD.COM

                Jerry Duan was graduated in Jiangnan University with Master of Packaging Engineering. He is now responsible in the planning of e-commerce logistic packaging in JD.com, striving to promote sustainable packaging supply chain. He has been frequently participating in the policy amendments of national standards for express packaging.

                Xiongfei Yin, General Manager, Hangzhou Wahaha Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

                Ying Xiongfei was graduated in Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2000 with Doctor of Material Processing Engineering. He joined the Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd in 1999, playing different roles including Head of Research Institute of Mold and Packaging. He has published more than 20 theses and has applied for 12 patents. He is also the Director of Hangzhou Mechanical Engineering Society.

                Zhenyue Pan, Sales Project Manager, Demag Plastics Machinery (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Application and prospect of IML

                1. The development status of IML industry in home market
                a, dairy products / b, cold drinking industry / c, snack containers / d, others
                2. IML application samples
                a, The market situation and change / b, Project application difficulties and solution / c, success case
                3. future and prospect

                1999-now: service engineer and application engineer for 18 years, response to service , sales and project support , marketing.

                Hart Zhang, Deputy General Manager, JT Mold Technology Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Intelligent molds and injection molding

                15 year's European working experience, after leaving FOBOHA, joined JT now working as JT Deputy General Manager, responsible for sales and operation management.


                Fang Zeng, Sales Manager, Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Barrier Property of packaging materials & food and drug safety

                Working in technology and production department of packaging materials industry over ten years, she got a lot of great experience in packaging materials production and testing and has strong theoretical and practical foundation. She mainly engaged in developing packaging material testing instruments and other electronic products later. Under the leadership of her, the R&D team has developed more than 40 products, including several water vapor permeability tester, oxygen permeability tester, gas permeability tester, electronic tensile tester and other instruments.

                Iacopo Bianconcini, Marketing Manager & Business Development, Sacmi Imola S.C.

                Topic: An innovative technology to disrupt the single serve capsule manufacturing 每 multilayer barrier containers by compression moulding.

                From a niche market, single-serve beverage capsules have grown to be one of the most important application in thin-wall packaging segment.
                The expiry of design patents brought disruptive changes in the supply chain, creating new opportunities for both end-users and converters into this growing market segment, extending from coffee to tea brewing systems as well as cold drinks systems.
                With the growing number of capsules in landfills, the industry is under pressure from the environmental point of view. There is an urgent need to review the materials used for capsules conversion in search of more sustainable options.
                The combination of SACMI compression molding technology, with its extensive know-how in laboratory and R&D Divisions, provides the most innovative, reliable and competitive answer on the above issues.

                Mr. Iacopo Bianconcini joined SACMI Group in Imola, Italy, 16 years ago. He graduated in Management Engineering at Greenwich University in London and Master Educated in Key Account Management and Marketing at SDA Bocconi of Milan and Columbia University of NY.
                As a Manager in SACMI Imola Headquarter, he is directly responsible for worldwide Marketing and Business Development activities within the Closures&Containers Division.

                Peter Liu, Business Development Director, Lenze Drive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Lenze FAST technology "Drive" intelligence solutions of Food beverage production line

                Currently Main responsible for the Focus industries business development and management, including Textile, Consumer Goods, Packaging, Printing, Robotic.

                In nearly 10 years, Focus on sales, Business Development and management of food packaging, beverage filling, pharmaceutical packaging equipment industries, Having a deeper understanding of OEM customers and packaging equipment, has accumulated a large number of high-quality client resources, has profound insights to the market development, is a senior sales and industry experts.

                Under his lead, LENZE sales in the Consumer Goods industry is growing fast, precipitated a lot of easy to replicate success stories and experience, Hope to share with you!

                Vincent Wang, Head of Marketing & Communication, Asia-Pacific, Milliken Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

                Topic: Packaging Innovation for ※New Consumers§

                The consumer product market has never been so dynamic and challenging, the consumer behavior has refined the whole consumer group, different from the “ole” consumer, the “new consumer” is showing less and less loyalty, more and more influence on the packaging decision. How to catch up with the new trend, develop the super consumer for the brand is the key to the future. In the presentation we will discuss how the “new consumer” looks like, what is the requirement on packaging innovation and how the success packaging will be.

                Vincent Wang became Asia Head of Marketing & Communication for Milliken Chemical’s Plastics Additives? Business in 2013. In this role, Vincent is responsible for product line leadership for Milliken’s PP clarifiers including setting strategic direction, product marketing, market development, market analysis, and coordination of global product line management.
                In to his current position, Vincent is also leading focus team in Asia on marketing, business development, especially in packaging market. Vincent was in various functions on SCM, Business Development and Regulatory Affair since 2010 when he joined Milliken in May.
                Vincent earned a bechelar in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University in China and EMBA at Olin Business School of Washintong University at Saint Louis.

                Eric Fang, Arburg China Industry Development Manager, Arburg (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Arburg Multiple Colours Cap Injection Molding Solution

                With the growing demand of anti-counterfeit and differentiation in FMCG, from food and beverage to personal care products, and from health care products and pharmaceutical, increasing number of brands consider two colours, even multiple colours cap and closure to be the? prominent packaging solution. Arburg, as a well-known injection molding machine manufacturer ,which is from Germany and has a long history, has rich experience on two colours cap and closure injection molding solution.

                Graduated from ShenYang Agriculture University ,major in Food science and engineering. MBA of East China University of science and technology. Have been working in food packaging field for 11 years, which bring about abundant related experiences. Working for Arburg China as Industry Development Manager , one of the major responsibilities is the development of new? injection molding solution and systems in packaging industry.

                Claudio Grignaschi, Sales Area Manager, Macchi S.p.A

                Topic: Machinery solutions for sustainable packaging films

                Since 2013, the Macchi solution for the production of more sustainable packaging films has been? the 5 layers POD (PolyOlefin Dedicated) technology, which allows to increase the quantity of goods packed with the same materials, the energy and the carbon footprint coming from production, transport and converting stages and, thanks to the use of pure PE grade resins, an easier recyclability of the final structure.
                The investment required by the POD technology is easily recovered thanks to the increase in productivity and the downgauging of the final product, thus making sustainability economically viable.

                Graduated at Milan State University, Claudio Grignaschi has over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales of packaging production, converting and filling machinery for some of the best names of the industry (Macchi, Schiavi-Bobst Group, Agnati) in the most important export markets (i.e. Americas, EU, Eastern Europe and Russia, China and Far East).
                Today Claudio Grignaschi is the Macchi Sales Area Manager serving important markets such as China, Japan and Australia/New Zealand.


                Kok Chew NG, Training School Assitant Manager, Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Expand Container Design Possibilities and Reduce Cycle Time with ASB Unique Temperatures Conditioning

                NG KOK CHEW, 49 years old, Singaporean working in Japan as a Trainer for Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. which manufactures Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) machines and molds. Containers made on ASB machine are mainly PET, PC, PP, etc. His job responsibilities are to provide support for Sales Department, colleagues and customers the technical know-how to operate ASB machine and processing know-how to mold a container. He was a service engineer for ASB Singapore subsidiary office for 15 years and served in Singapore Airforce as a Helicopter engine specialist before joining ASB.

                Kevin Li, General Manager, Shenzhen Multiplus Machinery Co., Ltd.

                Topic: 3D Printed Rapid Injection Mold Helps Innovative Packaging Design

                Multiplus use the advanced 3D printing & micro injection molding technologies, and a cloud service for rapid manufacturing, to help the manufacturers in the packaging industry to make prototyping and low-volume production in shorter time? & with lower cost. Multiplus provides services & turn-key manufacturing solutions to make innovative packaging design.

                From 2008 -- today, Chairman & CEO, Shenzhen Multiplus Machinery Co., Ltd.
                In 2000, Graduated from Guangdong University of Technology, Bachelor Degree in Mechnical Engineering. Working experience in the famous multi-national companies including Melchers, Milacron & Berry Plastics, responsible for sales and business development for the plastics machineries & packaging products in domestic and the US market.

                Dieter Rothe, Key Account and Area Sales Manager, Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH

                Topic: Color change in Extrusion-Blow-Molding 每 Time is money and sustainable

                A lot of blow molded articles appear in the world of colors. This is great for the marketing and the consumers. But what does this mean for the converters and for the environment? Downtime and waste#A lot of color changes! Master batch and the flow channels have a certain relation, and will be the key for a short or a longer color change. What can we do?

                Dieter Rothe, born in 1962,
                Started at “Kautex Maschinenbau” Bonn in 2007, as an Area Sales and Key Account Manager, with a total of 35 years’ experience in blow molding.
                - His currier in blow molding started at Willi M邦ller extrusion heads and blow molding machines from 1983. He was successively:
                ? plastic processing engineer
                ? development
                ? service department manager and
                ? machine test-run department manager
                - From 1995 till 1999 he became responsible at Fischer-W. M邦ller Blasformtechnik (Krupp Kautex) for:
                ? project engineering in technical support sales
                - Since 1999, he has dedicated his work at Willi M邦ller extrusion heads again to:
                ? sales
                ? plastic Processing
                ? project engineering, and R&D

                Calvin Chong, Market Development and Technical Support Engineer, SABIC

                Topic: SABIC Dedicated Solutions for Food Packaging

                With tomorrow*s resource challenges, packaging has a crucial role to play, particularly in helping to reduce waste in the global food supply and, in protecting goods for consumers while complying with ever more stringent regulations that are put in place to increase food and consumer safety in packaging industry. SABIC*s dedicated solutions for food packaging enable our customers use less material and less energy to produce food packaging with the same or even better properties than before, more quickly than before.

                Calvin Chong is market development and technical support engineer from SABIC. He has over 10 years* experiences in polymers industry in product development, market development and technical support of polypropylene and polyethylene materials.
                Calvin is currently taking care of thin wall packaging segment of SABIC for Asia Pacific and India sub-continents.

                More invited speakers, Please visit www.adsalecprj.com/PackConference!
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