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                Date: 18-19 Oct, 2018 19 Oct (Half day)
                Visit the Exhibition Hall of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd.
                (This route is for materials and equipment suppliers only, and shuttle bus would be arranged.)
                Place: Crowne Plaza Shanghai Pujiang
                No.3701, Chenhang Rd, Minhang District Shanghai, 201114,P.R.China

                Adsale Publishing Ltd.

                Audience Registration
                Pre-event eNewsletter 1st Issue

                China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ) & CPRJ International

                Enquiry: Suena Wu
                +86 755 2354 7185
                2018 Conference scale:

                Discuss face-to-face with experts about the latest trends of the medical plastics industry
                250+ industry leaders, experts from industry associations; Chinese and overseas professionals from the medical plastics and related industries
                3 sub forums, 30+ exhibitors expected

                Visit Tours:
                Visit the Exhibition Hall of Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd.
                (This route is for materials and equipment suppliers only, and shuttle bus would be arranged.)

                New Concurrent Event:


                Special Consultation Booth (18 Oct):
                Industry 4.0 smart total solutions for fast and small batch production (3D printing rapid mold + micro precision injection molding) facilitating medical product innovations

                Target Audience:

                Medical equipment, medical supplies and medical packaging manufacturers, and head of merchandising/ technology development/quality control/production of related trading companies;
                Experts from industry supervision organizations, industry associations and research institutions;
                Third-party certification or solution providers.


                Introduction of Guest Speakers (Listed in no particular order)

                Shang Xu, Secretary-General, China Association for Medical Devices Industry

                Topic: The current outlook of the Chinese medical device industry and the recent policy implications

                Personal Profile:
                After graduating from School of Biomedical Engineering of Capital Medical University in 2004, she obtained a Master degree of Economics at Renmin University of China in 2011. Being the Secretary-General ...Read more

                Wenbo Jiang, Executive Deputy Director, The Center For 3D Printing In The 9th People Hospital Of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Hospital

                Topic: 3D printing technology and its medical applications

                Personal Profile:
                He is a member of China Democratic League, the Associate Director of The Center For 3D Printing In The 9th People Hospital Of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Hospital, the Director of Shanghai 3D ...Read more

                Xuejia Ding, Chief Technical Engineer / Professor, Henan Tuoren Medical Device Co., Ltd. / Beijing University of Chemical Technology

                Topic: New plasticizer for PVC bio-medical materials

                U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, and CE Certification organization of Europe have proposed suggested regulations on the use of DEHP plasticizers ...Read more

                Andy Yin, Senior Material Scientist, Medtronic China R&D Center

                Topic: The applications of biocompatible materials in medical implant sector

                As medical technologies advance, medical implants are gaining more applications and more clinical researches on implantable material are available. It is important to establish standards for using ...Read more

                Chunpu Jiang, Vice General Manager, Weigao Blood Transfusion Products Co., Ltd.

                Topic: The applications of informatization in manufacturing management

                In order to achieve smart manufacturing in manufacturing management, digitalized workshops have to be established. Meanwhile, digital models and informatization have to be developed for digital ...Read more

                Brady Tong, General Manager, Asia, Oliver Healthcare Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Innovative medical packaging solutions

                The rapid technology advancement and stricter regulations in medical industry promote the innovative development of materials and processing for medical equipment and initial packaging. Some new ...Read more


                Sean Xiao, Deputy Secretary General, China Service Alliance of Medical Device Technology Innovation

                Personal Profile:
                Possessed extensive experience on the development of medical equipment and system design, he is the Executive Director of China Association for Medical Devices Industry Innovation Services Committee ...Read more

                Vera Liu, Senior Research Scientist, Baxter Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

                Topic: The requirement and safety assessment of container closure system of Peritoneal Dialysis solution

                Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) has been developing in China since 1990. With the rising no. of uremia patients in the country, the usage of PD increases every year and its packaging is developing rapidly. PVC ...Read more

                Kevin Li, General Manager, Shenzhen Multiplus Machinery Co., Ltd.

                Topic: 3D Printed Rapid Tooling + Micro Injection Molding Accelerate Medical Product Development

                To shorten the time to market is very important for medical products. The solution with the combination of 3D printed rapid tooling and micro injection molding can help the medical product ...Read more

                Gavin Yan, Sales & Service Manager, M?nner Hong Kong Ltd.

                Topic: EDGELINE-valve gate nozzle for side injection

                m?nner High-precision injection molds and valve gate hot runner systems are designed for high-volume manufacturing of medical disposables and devices. Cleanliness, part-to-part consistency and ...Read more

                Tony Fan, Sales Manager, Shanghai-Fanuc Robotics Co., Ltd. Injection Molding Machine Sales Dept.

                Topic: FANUC Intelligent manufacturing in Medical Industry

                Introducing Fanuc company
                Introducing Fanuc injection molding machine
                Introducing the application of FANUC machines in medical industry ...Read more

                Tony Zhuang, Sales Engineering, Motan-Colortronic Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Application and integration of drying, conveying and mixing equipment in the field of medical plastics

                The innovative development in the field of medical devices has put forward higher requirements for upstream production equipment, higher manufacturing level, more safety and intelligence, and ...Read more

                Haikun Zhang, Key Account Manager, Maider Medical Industry Equipment Co., Ltd.

                Topic: Solutions for medical plastic products automatic assembly application

                Personal Profile:
                Maider Medical Industry Equipment Co.,Ltd., established in March 2003, is a national high-tech and "double-soft" enterprise in design, development, manufacture and sales of medical product assembly ...Read more

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                China Association for Medical Devices Industry
                Society Plastics Engineers (SPE)
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