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                Plastics Industry News
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                Main > Media Kit

                2019 Print Publications & Online Media Conferences & Specialized Exhibitions Creative + Production Service
                - China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ)
                CPRJ International & AdsaleCPRJ.com
                - CHINAPLAS 2019 Show Daily
                - CHINAPLAS 2019 International Visitors' Guide
                - CHINAPLAS 2019 eNews & Preview Week - Webinar Series
                - K 2019 Visitors' Guide for Chinese/ Asian Buyer
                - CHINAPLAS 2019 Official Website Sponsorship Program (ChinaplasOnline.com)
                - 2019 CPRJ Conference & Showcase
                - Print Projects , eMarketing Projects, Outdoor /Tradeshow Display Projects, Publishing Projects, Delivery Service
                - Special Promotion Package for CHINAPLAS exhibitors
                 China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ), CPRJ International & AdsaleCPRJ.com
                With accumulated database of over 600,000 plastics members, the China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ) is a leading B2B media pioneer which has been delivering comprehensive market news and providing unique insights into the plastics and rubber industry for 36 years.

                Appointed as the Official Media of CHINAPLAS, Asia's No.1 Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair, CPRJ provides a full range of communication channels - print magazines, online media, conference and social media that help create valuable business opportunities for advertisers.

                Full version: 15.2 MB
                Our Platform
                K SHOW
                CPRJ & CPRJ International
                Global Network
                 CHINAPLAS Show Daily
                The Only Official Onsite Newspapers, in 3 editions to serve visitors with different interest at fair:

                • Machinery & Equipment Edition (in Chinese)
                • Chemical & Raw Materials Edition (in Chinese)
                • International Edition (in English)

                Full version: 1.17 MB

                 International Visitors' Guide for CHINAPLAS
                The Official ENGLISH Guide helps you to reach 43,381 international buyers from 151 countries and regions.

                Full version: 1.4 MB

                 CHINAPLAS Official Website Sponsorship Program (ChinaplasOnline.com)
                The ideal platform for maximizing the benefits of your show.

                Full version: 4.5 MB

                 Creative + Production Service
                We provide professional creative and production services

                Full version: 0.7 MB


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