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                Plastics Industry News
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                Adsale – The China Trade Promotion Specialist Since 1978

                The Adsale Group
                Adsale, established in 1978 in Hong Kong, is a dynamic trade media group in Asia Pacific Region. Our members, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, Adsale Publishing Ltd and AdsaleOnline provide cost effective integrated marketing programs in over 20 industries to satisfy China traders’ need for the China and Asian markets. The Group has liaison offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore, with over 200 staff. Please click to view the latest Adsale Exhibition Program.

                Adsale Publishing Ltd and AdsaleOnline 
                is a leading printed and on-line trade journal publisher in the China market. Adsale's publication list comprises three trade journals and online platforms covering plastics & rubber、textile & garment industries. Our journals provide readers with the latest market news, technology information and website management insights within and outside China. They serve as an invaluable information bank for decision makers, plant/production/purchasing/R & D/QC managers and engineers of manufacturing enterprises.

                Our readership databank is back up by the vast database of Adsale Group and we also participate in over 60 trade shows per year to gain maximum exposure. 

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