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                Reader Survey (CPRJ-ENG)
                Reading Patterns
                1. Through what channel did you get to know Adsale Industry Portal?
                a. Exhibitions
                b. Publications
                c. Enewsletters
                d. Promotion leaflets
                e. Websites
                f. Recommended by others
                2. Have you read our online eBooks?
                a. Yes
                b. No
                3. Do you receive our weekly e-newsletters?
                a. Yes
                b. No
                4. How often do you visit Adsale Industry Portal?
                a. Daily
                b. Weekly
                c. Irregular
                5. How long do you normally spend on browsing the portal in each visit?
                a. Over 1 hour
                b. About 20 minutes to 1 hour
                c. Less than 20 minutes
                6. What is the important factor for you to visit Adsale Industry Portal daily?
                a. More daily market news
                b. More new product news
                c. More hyperlinks to other industrial websites
                d. Others, please specify:
                Satisfaction with Contents
                7. What are the important factors for a good website? Please rank the following options from the most preferred (1) to the least preferred (6).
                a. Search functions
                b. Easy to use
                c. Contents and information
                d. Interactiveness
                e. Special offers and benefits
                f. Trade contacts
                8. Which type of content on Adsale Industry Portal are you most satisfied with?
                a. Daily market news
                b. Focus reports
                c. Interviews
                d. Exhibition highlights
                e. Technology reports
                f. Others, please specify:
                9. Which type of content would you like us to increase? Please rank the following options from the most wanted (1) to the least interested (6).
                a. Daily market news
                b. Focus reports
                c. Interviews
                d. Exhibition highlights
                e. Technology reports and case studies
                f. Others, please specify:
                10. Which type of plastics technology application areas would you like us to strengthen? Please rank the following options from the most wanted (1) to the least interested (6).
                a. Medical
                b. Automotive
                c. Packaging
                d. Photovoltaic
                e. Consuming electronic products
                f. Others, please specify:
                11. Do you find the contents of Adsale Industry Portal relevant and useful to your work?
                a. Highly relevant
                b. Relevant
                c. A bit relevant
                d. Irrelevant
                12. Do the contents help you keep pace with the industry and technology trends?
                a. Yes, very much
                b. Yes, in general
                c. Average
                d. Not really
                Overall Evaluation
                13. Overall, how would you rate the Adsale Industry Portal?
                a. Excellent
                b. Good
                c. Fair
                d. Average
                e. Poor
                14. Will you recommend Adsale Industry Portal to others?
                a. Yes
                b. No

                Reader's Background
                To facilitate the analysis of this survey, we hope that you could provide some background information of yourself. Thank you.
                Please confirm the industry you are in:
                a. Plastics and rubber
                b. Machinery and metalworking
                c. Textile and apparel
                d. Others, please specify:
                Your geographical location is:
                a. Mainland China
                b. Hong Kong / Macau /Taiwan
                c. America
                d. Europe
                e. Other areas in Asia (e.g. India, Japan, Korea, etc.)
                f. Region other than those mentioned above
                Your company/organization is:
                a. Machinery manufacturer
                b. Raw materials supplier
                c. Solution provider
                d. Finished product supplier
                e. Trader, Agent, Retailer
                f. Research institute
                g. Others, please specify:
                Your occupation is: (You may choose up to 2 options)
                a. Owner / chairman / general manager / factory director
                b. Sales and marketing personnel
                c. Engineers and technicians
                d. Research and development personnel
                e. Academic researchers
                f. Others, please specify:
                Your name (optional):
                Your e-mail address (optional):